Greek Dance

The Band in Full Swing

OPA - Greek Dance with Live Music!
What a treat to have three local musicians play for us on a sunny spring afternoon in November! Singing and playing the bouzouki and piano accordion, the band provided us with great music to dance the Zorba, Hassapikos, Syrtos, Kalamatianos and many more Greek dances. Keep watch for more live music events.
The band in full swing

Energetic Dancing
Energetic dancing

Maria Leading the Crowd
Maria leading the crowd

Visitors from the Local Greek Community
Visitors from the local Greek community

Dancing is Thirsty Work
Dancing is thirsty work

Opa - Nice T-shirts Ladies!
Opa - nice t-shirts ladies

Go Paula!
Go Paula!

Maria and the Band
Maria and the band (from left to right - Stratos, Kostas and Stavros)

Congratulations Maria on 11 Years of Teaching Greek Dance
Congratulations Maria on 11 years of teaching Greek dance!