FDC Performing at the Multicultural Festival in Canberra, February 2020

Marilyn and Ken on the Multicultural Festival, 21-23 February 2020:

This year we were especially drawn to Folk Dance Canberra’s performance on Stage 6 at the Multicultural Festival on Saturday. We joined the appreciative audience to watch the only truly ‘international’ showcase of dances at the festival – all the others were ‘national’, we think. Looking resplendent in their new costumes, reminiscent of Eastern Europe in style, with a touch of OZ in the ladies’ aprons and blouses, 21 adults and 7 children took us around the world with a variety of dance movements and formations. We noticed many in the audience being enticed to tap fingers and toes, and in our case to sing along. Some tried to capture the magic of this joyous and polished performance on their cameras and phones, but most would have left with a smile on their faces. They were then swallowed up by a seething crowd of wall-to-wall people and a sensory overload of sound, sights, smells and tastes that is our present Multicultural Festival.

This article, written by Ken and Marilyn, is reprinted from the March 2020 edition of Folk Tales.

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