Impressions of Tanya Dimitrova’s Bulgarian Dance Workshop, August 2019

Impressions of Tanya Dimitrova’s Bulgarian Dance Workshop, September 2019:

Tanya proved to be a powerhouse of a teacher at the advanced dance workshop on the Monday evening. With her ever-ready smile and sense of fun she imbued the class with enthusiasm and energy while imparting her extensive knowledge and expertise. Much emphasis was placed on style, from the exact position of a foot placement to the meaning of other movements, relating to one’s relationship with the earth and it’s bounty. She kept us moving to the delight of the regular Monday class and a number of the Macedonian group from Queanbeyan who joined the group. With variations on dances such as Petrunino Hora, Shopska Kopanitsa, Shterkolyovata and Buchimish, it was quite a high energy night. I’m sure I speak for most people in saying that I hope we see Tanya out here again in the future. All thanks go to Katerina for hatching and executing the plan to bring Tanya to Australia. Without her initiative and drive it wouldn’t have happened. Thanks also to the committee who supported Katerina’s efforts and also to the Events Committee for their usual decorating flair. Compliments have been coming into FDC from people who attended the Sydney workshops, with one Facebook posting it was the best workshop he ever attended! So a great success all round.

This article, written by Lesley, is reprinted from the September 2019 edition of Folk Tales.

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