Events in 2020

Month Date Event
February 21st to 23rd Multicultural Festival - FDC Performing in Civic (
March 14th, 15th &16th Romanian Dance Workshops with Marius & Maria Ursu ($)
  23rd to 29th Seniors' Week - Love Later Life - (Cancelled because of COVID-19)
  Thurs 26th Seniors' Expo at EPIC - (Cancelled because of COVID-19)
May Sun 3rd Dutch Food and Culture Festival at Albert Hall - (Cancelled because of COVID-19)
August 22nd Dance Workshops with Kaye Laurendet - Orange Day ($) - (Subject to COVID-19) *1
September Sat 19th FDC Family Dance - (Cancelled because of COVID-19)
October 18th & 19th Dance Workshops with Tineke & Maurits van Geel ($) - (Cancelled because of COVID-19)
  Sat 24th Hackett Party at the Shops (to be confirmed) - (Subject to COVID-19)
November Tue 3rd 10am Melbourne Cup special class and lunch - (Subject to the easing of COVID-19 Restrictions)
December Sat 12th 2pm FDC Christmas Dance - (Advance Registration Essential)









 Note: the $ symbol in the table above indicates that there is an entry charge for the event.

*1 The date for Kaye's workshop has changed, and may change again due to COVID-19 restrictions.