Weekend Workshop with André van de Plas

Arriving with a suitcase full of dances from around the world, our favourite Dutchman presented a fabulous weekend workshop. Attendees hardly noticed dancing for more than 22 km (pedometer said so). An excellent work out!

Andre returns 21 – 23 July 2018

For more than 30 years André van de Plas has taught and choreographed international dance in the Netherlands and overseas. He currently teaches at the largest world dance society in Holland and as Artistic Director of their performance group has won many prizes at both national and international festivals. 

André believes that the process of learning to dance should be fun at all levels, at all times, for everyone so there will be sessions during the workshop for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers.

Dances taught during the weekend workshop (from easy to challenging): 

Fado (Portugal), Hora din Caras (Romania), Oj Vardare (Macedonia), Ani le Dodi (Israel), Steinhaugen Beinhaugen (Norway), Hit the Road Jack (USA),  Sota (Romania), Strandzansko Horo (Bulgaria), Tou Paradeisou Lemonia (Greece), and The Castro Almaine (England), Koco Petrovski Cupurlika (Macedonia), Tino Mori (Macedonia), and Kopanitsa (Bulgaria).